Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pierre Speaks: Kharon… Part 02

As you guys know now, we have a comic at called Kharon: Scourge of Atlantis.

What made us start developing this project?

Eons ago, I was reading/contributing to a thread on the Image board about how to present an idea in a single sentence (or something like that).

For the heck of it I came up with some sort of example to see if I understood how to do such an exercise, and I kind of liked the idea I came up with. Some of the other posters did seem to see some potential in such an idea.

So once in a while I would come up with some notes sketches thinking about that idea.

Then later, during the summer of 2007, I finally met Jim at HeroesCon where we had our Flashback Universe booth.

While Jim and I were at Heroes Con, we started to discuss possible projects for Flashback Universe.

I told Jim about the idea that I had after reading/contributing to the Image board

Although Jim made some changes (Jim hates Vampire for some reason ;) ), Jim took what we discussed and came up with not only one proposal, but two based on the idea I had to begin with.

Heck if I had let him….. he was ready to come up with no less then 6 different proposals..

But I told him he was crazy.

Already developing one project is a lot of work…. developing 6 was nothing short of madness.

Luckily… Jim listened to me and agreed not to develop all them 6 projects.

So we started developing the first project (no I won’t tell you what it is, although we decided to do the Kharon project first, we WILL make the other project at some point).

But after some time….. Jim decided to put that project aside and sent me a small flash movie to sell me the idea of making Kharon: Scourge of Atlantis instead.

I can’t recall when or why we finally decided to submit our project to Zuda.

I seem to recall that we had various possible options on what to do with that project…. But I can’t recall why Zuda won us over in the end over the other options that we had (or still have in some cases). I guess Jim will have to fill you in on that one. ;)

That’s all for now.

Until next time.


Caine said...

Not only does Jim not like Vamps, he dislikes Ware wolves as well [possibly even more]. I blame Joss and that little show he had....

Jim Shelley said...

LOL! - You know, Buffy was actually one of the better vampire type of shows out there. - No, I'm afraid what turned me off on vampires was the horrible wave of bad vampire books inspired by Anne Rice which now seems to evolved into an even worse trend of books inspired by Anita Blake.

As a friend mentioned. It now seems like every book in the fantasy/horror section of your local bookstore is dominated by 20 something girls with tattoos on their backs and crossbows in their hands. :P


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