Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Kid Eternity

Today, I present a character I've always thought was very cool, Kid Eternity!

From Wikipedia...

Hit Comics, prior to issue #25, had a series of rotating cover features, including Hercules, the Red Bee, Stormy Foster and Neon the Unknown. However, December 1942 saw the entire line-up of comics at Quality change their features (if not always the cover feature). Kid Eternity was brought in from the start as the new cover feature for Hit.

The character proved to be popular enough that when Quality Comics began expanding their post-war line, the Kid got his own self-titled comic book, Kid Eternity, in the Spring of 1946. Further illustrating the popularity of the character, his antagonists, Her Highness and Silk were given their own strip in Hit Comics #29 through #57.


[ download Kid Eternity 06 ]

More from Wikipedia -

The Kid was originally a nameless boy (who only ever remembered being called 'Kid' by his 'Gran'pa') who was killed when a U-Boat sank his grandfather's fishing boat during World War II. Due to a supernatural mix-up, however, he was killed seventy-five years too soon (similar to the plot of the 1941 film Here Comes Mr. Jordan) at the time.

To rectify the error, the Kid was brought back to life for another seventy-five years with the mission of upholding good in the world. He was given the power to summon any good historical or mythological figure by saying the word "Eternity" as well as to use the same word to make himself material or immaterial. Kid Eternity was further assisted on his duties by the clerk who'd made the error, Mr. Keeper.


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Have a great day!

- Jim


Sphinx Magoo said...

I was introduced to Kid Eternity via his appearances in "Shazam!" where E. Nelson Bridwell linked da Kid to Freddy Freeman as his long-lost twin brother! It was done with Mr. Bridwell's usual touch of class. I didn't know then that Kid Eternity was not originally published by Fawcett, that this sort of meta-connection was only possible because DC now had the rights to Fawcett and Hill Comics' characters.

Thanks for the memories!

Jim Shelley said...

Sphinx - Man! I remember that! Like you, I didn't know what the history of the two characters at the time, but I knew it was something cool for DC to link them like that.

Cynthia Finnegan said...

Actually, Freddy was a year older than the Kid, and ENB even tied in Junior's meeting Sherlock Holmes to the Kid!::

Jim Shelley said...

Cynthia, thank you for the information - btw I checked out yoru site - and I'm really impressed!


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