Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mister Crimson Episode 28

Good news for Mister Crimson Fans - Diego Tripodi has another comic up for view on Zuda this month: Doorman Bill

Life stopped making sense for a lonely man named Bill. Disenchanted with his life as a college doorman, Bill makes an unexpected decision to leave behind his job, his home and his city, and sets out on a trip to Pennsylvania for no reason but to make a journey. Early in his trip, Bill loses everything he has and ends up on a lonely road. With no money and no possessions, he will try to survive and reach his destination by travelling with people he finds along the road -- from heavy metal musicians to clowns and bums.

Join Bill in his strange adventures on his journey to the Keystone State.

I encourage everyone who is enjoying Mister Crimson to go check Diego's excellent art and story today! :)

And speaking of Mister Crimson - here is today's installment!

Mister Crimson Episode 28:

Wherein our a decision is made...

Read it here. .:

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