Friday, January 18, 2008

What Type of Digital Comics do you prefer

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Answer if you will please. :)


Blaque Saber said...

With either of the downloadable file types you (the reader) don't have to wait for a server or internet trafic for the next page. Also, you can alter the file and place it on your portable media player (like my zune)...

Jovial1 said...

I've definitely got a preference for downloadable comics, be they *.cbr or *.pdf but, in all honesty, I'll read comics in almost any format.

That said, the ability to read the comics away from an internet connection is the item of paramount importance to me.

arniec said...

I agree with the above statements. I have come to like CBRs though through the GIT Corp Marvel DVD Releases I was first exposed to comic books in PDF formats. But being able to read comics without internet connection is important.

I travel a lot and there is no using cell phones on flights. Downloading comics to read on flights is important to me.

Moreover, I dislike the reliance on a Flash player (which my iPhone does not have) to read comics. JPGs and PDFs can be read anywhere, but not Flash docs.

Download or death! :)

newwaycomics said...

I love cbr format. Its easy once you get the right program.

David Gallaher said...

I hate downloading anything, so I prefer either straight up webcomics or pdfs.


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