Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Comic Monday - Jan 21

Welcome to another Free Comic Monday. The last one was a big success with quite a number of downloads. To those of you who commented or emailed, thank you!

This first one is a character who meant to be a Spirit knockoff but as things have a way of doing, he got a life of his own...Midnight

[ click here to download Smash Comics 50 ]

The second free comic today is another DareDevil comic. What I think is interesting about this one is that notice how even though the comic trumpets 2 Daredevil stories inside, he's not on the cover...

[ click here to download Daredevil 51 ]

Hope you enjoy them!

Note: I use wikipedia as my legal counsel, so if the above materials are not public domain and you are the owner of these materials, please feel free to notify me and I'll gladly remove them. :)

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