Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Double Shot 1: 3D Comic Book Viewer

Here's the first of a Friday Double Shot...

I would like to introduce everyone to a very cool 3D Comic Book Viewer!

I was created by a talented 3D Programmer/Producer named Mal in Ireland, who describes like this:

The 3D Comic Book Viewer was developed to enhance the
digital comic reading experience by allowing users to easily zoom in and pan
around a comic, just like they might do in real life with their eyes as they
read various sections of a real comic pages.

The other viewers ( like CDisplay ) that I previously used for viewing
digital comics are great for displaying and navigating comic pages, but they
didn't seem to offer a smooth way of scrolling and zooming around the page - eg
the process of zooming was automatic ( from 100% to 150%/200% ), rather than

With most computers sporting a powerful 3D graphics card, it made sense to
use this hardware to enable this smooth in-page navigation, so I decided to
write my own viewer, and as it became more functional, I decided to create a
blog tracking the development of the viewer so that users could give feedback on
how to improve it etc.

Microsoft Windows ( 98+ )

Optional, but preferrable: 3D Graphics Card ( it will run in Software mode )

Give it a try! It's very cool!

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