Monday, January 7, 2008

Screenshots and Questions

Here's a collection of random screenshots from this weekend and the questions they inspire...

1) How does one get an invitation to Komic's Live?

I've never mentioned this group before on this blog. I think they came along after I had discovered Z-Cult, so I never explored them. I do know they were the comics downloading site of choice of Matt Fraction (or so someone with his screen name said on the Warren Ellis forum)

Anyway, apparently they are an *invite only* forum and several of their threads seemed to link to this blog, so I'm interested in seeing what they are saying.

2) Why don't more people download Herbie the Fat Fury?

I have no idea whether Herbie is in public domain or whatnot, but damn it's a funny comic! Apparently, only 100 people on Zcult agree with me. Almost as many people find Kade worth downloading. Go figure.

3) What is Suske en Wiske, and why must it be uploaded in single issue torrents?

Taking more room than it rightfully should I suspect, here is a foreign comic series that seems to be all the rage on Pirate Bay...

4) How many voters does it take to win a Zuda Competition?

Check out these two screenshots from the two Zuda Winners so far.

First, High Moon

Next, Pray for Death:

Now, albeit, it's possible that many factors are weighing into the visitor/voter relationship with both winners, and it WAS a Holiday season, so that might have affected the voting results, but overall, doesn't it look like Pray For Death won with just a little more than a third of the votes that High Moon previously got? And only half of the views?

Gentlemen, start your excel graphs now! :D


Chris Sims said...

Because people do not understand that Herbie is the pinnacle of comic book art--nay, of ART ITSELF!

David Gallaher said...

How many voters does it take to win a Zuda Competition?

Actually, the votes are secret. Zuda readers can have several favorite comics, but can only vote for one of them

JimShelley said...


First let me congratulate you on the success you've had with High Moon! My wife and I both love it (one of those rare comics we both agree on.)

Second, yeah, I noticed it doesn't tally the votes in any fashion that's visible to the outside world. Still, I wonder if after several more competitions if we will see a correlation between the most favorited comic and the winner each time.

- Jim

David Gallaher said...


Thank you for the kind words. HIGH MOON has been a lot of fun for Steve and I and I'm really glad you guys enjoy it.

Zuda keeps the votes secret as to not have fans rig the system. I know that everything from comments to views to rating, sharing, favoriting and voting are calculated in the final total. In the case of PRAY FOR DEATH, the team rallied for more votes per views than any other strip. So while THE CROOKED MAN was rated, viewed, and favorited more often, the view-per-vote ratio was higher for PRAY FOR DEATH, hence their win.

I think Zuda is a fun experiment to be a part of's not perfect, but it's easily been the best experience I've had in comics over the last decade.

And, I love this site by the way. I was directed to it by the ISB.

All the best,

Theodore said...

"Suske en Wiske" is probably the best running series in Dutch, with a long history (since about WW II), in newspapers and albums. The single issue can explained because (except for a very few stories), each album contains one story, and since a) The oldest adventures can have several numbers in the series.
b) The order of numbers in the series is only approximately somewhat chronologically, (Lambik is reuntied with his brother Arthur in #2, and has his first appearance in #3).
c)quite some of the older titles have more than one #...

Here a link to get an impression:


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