Friday, July 18, 2014

Check out the Horror Lovers

Often, I find myself trapped by the comics-centric nature of this blog, as it prevents me from delving into subjects I would like to write about (Scooby Doo, The Classic Universal Monsters, The Marx Brothers, ect...) There usually isn't much of an opportunity for me to give even a shout out to such topics here.

So imagine how happy I was when I discovered The Horror Lovers on Kickstarter:

The Horror Lovers is the story of the humorous shenanigans at a small low budget horror studio (Bloody Hell Studios) during the golden age of film. The preview pages present a fun blend of 1950's Mad Magazine zaniness and Marx Brothers humor.

The creators behind the comic are two talented professionals who are perfect for this project: Artist Bobby Timony (who I discovered via The Night Owls on Zuda and whose Detectobot for monkeybrain I am currently enjoying) and written by Valerie D'Orazio (whose Punisher Max: Butterfly story for Marvel proved she had a deft ear for the human condition and dark humor.)

Meet mild-mannered TERRY APRILLE:

Terry always dreamt of writing The Great American Novel...but instead found himself hacking out horror scripts for the ultra low-budget BLOODY HELL STUDIOS alongside the crude-but-determined owner/director WALTER BURNS...

...and the always-smiling mute prop girl ZIPPY:

But one day Terry's fiancée DEBBIE gives him an ultimatum: quit wasting his time at the movie studio, or risk everyone finding out about his DEEPEST, DARKEST SECRET!

But when somebody ends up dead at the bottom of a giant cake, EVERYONE'S a suspect!
If you are a fan of such whimsical stories with a touch of nostalgia, I strongly encourage you to check out the 8 Page Preview at

If you like what you see, support the project on

- Jim

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Trey said...

I've always liked Timony's work.


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