Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Computer Chair Rule

I've got this rule about sitting in a chair all day and working on the computer.
Basically, I try not to do it.
And since I was working all day yesterday on new comic book project, I'm going to cut my computer chair time short today by going light on the commentary and simply post some great unseen artwork from old projects from the Flashback Universe.

First up are two pages from our defunct Kharon, Scourge of Atlantis project, which was picked as a nomination Zuda, but sadly did not win that month. (Click to see this at full size.)

Over the past couple of years, I've had the fortune of running into other Zuda contestants online and like me, they often lament the lack of such a competition today. Mostly because it was a cool way to get exposure for a project and if you got picked, DC would pay out for the pages you submitted. The one thing most people didn't like was the marketing aspect. Basically, you had to do you own marketing, which is hard for people. I think Kickstarter strikes people this way too.

Next up is a cover for a Godspeed vs Lady Nemo comic that was written by Jason Wright. The script was completed but Pierre got busy with another animation project (a part time gig that turned into a promotion and then a career) so the comic was unfinished.

Finally here are two images from another Zuda project I worked on with Pierre. This was going to be another League of Monsters story that had some flashbacks to the WW II era of heroes. This image was simply used as a background image in the story, but it's such a awesome piece that I thought you might enjoy see in at full size.

This next one wasn't really part of the story, but Pierre created it to sell me on the idea of having a WW II story.

Any of you guys ever work on a project that never was completed?
I would love to hear about it and find out what happened.

- Jim

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