Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our League of Monsters Zuda Pitch

Due to extenuating circumstances, I don't have a regular post, but have something different to enjoy today. Before Zuda called it quits, Pierre and I were planning to submit a new League of Monsters story to Zuda. Click the image below to see the first 8 pages.

These first 8 pages were all created without any script or plot by Pierre, who sent them to me to dialogue as a sort of project kickstart. Having to devine a a story and dialogue from sequential pages of art was actually pretty hard, but after sort of letting the pages *talk to me* for a while, the story materialized.

Unfortunately, Zuda is no more, so while Pierre and I won't be able to see how it would have done in the contest (which was always a fickle thing anyway) we have every intention of finishing the story ourselves.

So consider this a preview! I hope you enjoy it!

- Jim


Caine said...

I really dug that. I think you did an excellent job of capturing the look (Pierre) and feel (Jim) of a 70's action/monster movie with time travel/nazi undertones.

Besides, any time a book has the PURPLE PUMA in it is a book I want to read, and I love it when the "Brute" character takes two others and smashes them together. Classic move.

MattComix said...

When I look at it Cardinal Syn has a very Byrne-ish look to his design. The kind of dude you would see in a last panel reveal during Byrne's FF run. That's the vibe I got off of him.

Jim, I think you did a pretty good job adding dialog to the images. If you hadn't told us in the post I don't think I would have even considered that it wasn't written before the art was made.

I do have one question though, I've always been curious as to why you guys don't have radio buttons underneath on your webomics page.

Caine said...

That webcomic set up is pretty unique isn't it?

JimShelley said...

@Caine - Thank you! Yeah, Pierre came up with a nice plot for this story using some characters he had created ages ago.

JimShelley said...

@MattComix - Pierre will like the Byrne comparison. I can totally see that as well. It's strange that Byrne was so big in the industry, but very few artists actually emulate him nowdays. I guess you could say the same thing about Kirby.

Question - what do you mean about Radiobuttons? Do you mean a Back and Forward button? I have them on the sides, but maybe underneath would be better perhaps?

Pierre Villeneuve said...


In one of my many blogs in progress... I had a Blog about our Zuda pitch that never was.... but I guess I will need to tweak it somewhat now I guess.

Jim knows me too much... It's scary. ;) I LOVE that Byrne comparison. Heck often when I draw... was I try to do in the back of my mind is to try to match what Byrne & Rubenstein did magnificiently in their Captain America run.

Although short... damn those were great comics.

Jim did a GREAT job... not only adding dialogs... but also coming up with the rest of the tale. But more about that in a future Blog.

But thanks guys.

At some point.. you will be able to read the whole tale.

Stay tuned. ;)

MattComix said...

@Jim. Having the buttons underneath seems to be the common thing for webcomics. Though let me say that I do genuinely enjoy that Flashback doesn't have a standard set-up.

I just noticed on my laptop in order to keep the buttons on the screen and not have to scroll I have to adjust my zoom from "normal" to "small".


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