Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reinventing the Crisis

I am DYING!!


As I am writing these lines... I am waiting for the Justice League: Crisis on 2 Earths DVD.

I can't finish one of my half a dozen Blogs already in progress.

I can't even write a line without getting back to Crisis on 2 earths.

I have been watching the preview that was included in the Batman/Superman: Public Enemies DVD wayyyy too much.

And I was watching the preview... there is one thing that is driving me crazy.... CRAZY!!!
No... no waiting... although YES waiting for the release of the film IS driving me crazy.

But what REALLY is driving me crazy is that goddamn habit of always wanting to reinvent the wheel.

Why always try to reinvent what was fine to begin with?? Why always try to fix what isn't broken??

Why do they always try to redesign the characters?? and even worse... recast the actors who were doing an awesome job on the various animated series that was produced by Bruce Timm??

I can almost understand when it comes to the design work.

I have seen it in the past on various production.

Whenever you get a new designer/director on a project... the new guy pretty much ALWAYS look at what was done before him thinking "this sucks... I will fix it and make it 1000 times much better" or some such equivalent.

It never fails.
It is even worse on shows where there was a change of director halfway through the production for some reason.

At least a few times I had to redo designs/storyboards that were already approved by the first director... only to have the second director go "this sucks... everything sucks... lets redo all of it".

In most cases.... I would explain it with one very simple word...
There is a lot of egos in the art community.

They HAVE to try to put their mark on the project.

So they will try to "fix" the project by trying to redo it in their style.

It makes no sense... but there you have it.

In the case of the designs of the Timm animated projects... they had developed through the years and AWESOME style. And though the years... they had refined the style close to perfection.

So I am always scratching my head whenever they decide to put everything they have spent years perfecting in the garbage bin, and decide to redo everything from scratch.
Makes no bit of sense to me.

And even worse for the voice acting.

They had some awesome voices for Batman, Lex Luthor, and most of the cast.

So why not use them actors who were doing a GREAT job to begin with???

Why always try to look for other actors to do a job, when they ALREADY had the people to do a GREAT job??

I don't get it.
Anyway.... so as you read it... I should have watched Crisis on 2 Earths half a dozen times already..... unless it was sold out for some reason.

So far.... word is that it is great.
Which makes me even MORE DYING to see it... if that is even possible.

So I will not wait one nanosecond to see it.
I will go get myself a copy as soon as I leave the studio.

So odds are.... next week... I should tell you about my experience watching Crisis on 2 Earths, and if it’s as good as they say.

We shall see.


Caine said...

I LIKE the fact that each Warner animated movie can look different from the previous one. I like that Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, & The Flash can all be voiced by different actors each time, and have different looks. I look forward to the slightly different interpretations actually.

Sea-of-Green said...

I do like the different art styles -- it's no different from seeing different art styles in the comics. I DO take issue with changing the voices though -- unless it's because those actors aren't always available.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

I will quote you guys in my next Blog entry. ;)

FLAMEAPE said...

I think the reason the characters get re-designed is simply to avoid having any continuity to adhere to. These films are pretty clearly designed as stand-alones- anyone who doesn't even know what the storylines of the characters can easily get into the films and put them aside. Reason 2 for the re-designs? Toy sales. Let's be honest, if DC makes ANY alteration to a character it always ends up being part of some new edition toy line. Just look at the toy section of your favorite comics shop. It's ridiculous, but clearly sells merchandise, folks! Gotta love it.

JimShelley said...

Toy Sales is a good reason I had not thought of!

Pierre Villeneuve said...

I am aware of the toy angle.... but I don't think it really matter in this case.... and I will try to explain why next week. ;)


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