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The FBU's Direct2DVD Suggestions

Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: New Frontier, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman/Batman:Public Enemies. These are all animated direct to dvd movies put out by Warner Bros. of their DC Comics characters. Like any comic book movie, those listed above have met with mixed reviews by fans and officials alike. We at the FBU kindly offer our suggestions on which properties Warner Bros may want to move forward with when they consider their next movie to release.

These are not ranked, numbered, or in any particular order.

Honorary mention going to the Scarlet Speedster. Whether you're a bigger fan of Barry, Wally, or Bart it's high time the Flash stared in one of Warner's Direct2DVD movies.

Now, on to our picks...

The Flick: The Judas Contract
With the recent announcement that Marv Wolfman & George Perez's Teen Titans:Games would finally see print, and with the potential Young Justice cartoon that's been rumored all over the internet, it would make sense to kick production of The Teen Titans: Judas Contract into high gear. All ready announced as a probable release under the Direct2dvd Warner Bros line The Judas Contract seems to have run into some road blocks in development & fallen off the radar. With Games being published, The Judas Contract should be scheduled to be released at the same time.

The Fun
While there should definitely be some origin aspects to the story, this should not be just an origin tale. It's an action adventure story filled with intrigue and subterfuge as the Titans discover a contract taken out on their lives, led by a traitor in their midst. Designs should be of the period that the book was originally published (that's right Nightwing will have the disco suit & while Starfire will probably have a less revealing suit than what shows up in the comics it shouldn't be like that of Teen Titans: Go!) with all the same characters.

The Features
A back up short form cartoon (10 Min) will ship on the same dvd disk centered around the "Bat Team". This piece will tell the tale of the entire team working together to solve a problem (such as retaking a high jacked ship or rescuing hostages). It will be less about story and more about showcasing characters: Batman, Nightwing (current design this time), Robin (Tim Drake), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Spoiler, & Oracle with a walk on by Alfred.

The Fine Print
With Batgirl, Spoiler, & Robin in it the animated short will go a long way in soothing the fans who's favorite titan character didn't show up in the main feature on the dvd and hey: who doesn't love more Batman?

The Flick: The Question

The Fun
This will be a fragmented cold case story that the original Question had worked on which has now fallen on Rene Montoya to solve. Two different color designs will be used to easily showcase the flashback sequences & make them different from the modern day sequences. This would be an excellent opportunity to use a c-list villain and really elevate him/her to a new status.

The Features
A back up short form cartoon (10 Min) will ship on the same dvd disk centered around the Manhunters. Paul Kirk will be attacked and in the hospital. Mark Shaw & Kate Spenser will come to see him and take off to avenge him only to find that they've been drawn into a trap and have to fight their way out. The Manhunter cult (droids and all) would be the villain and it would end in a cliff hanger in case the fans really dug it and wanted more.

The Fine Print
Both characters are legacy characters with strong core fan bases. Manhunter had at one time been saved from cancellation at least four times and The Question has shown up in all forms of media. The Question's long form print media appearances (Novels) are held with high regard to more than just comic book fans.


The Flick: Batman Beyond

The Fun
There haven't been many successful completely (or partial for that matter) "new" retoolings of Batman. Batman Beyond has to be considered one of the more successful attempts. This movie would focus on Doctor Able Cuvier (Chimera) from the season 2 episode "SPLICERS". Having crafted a new army of the spliced, Cuvier invades Gotham once again with one goal: Killing Batman. We'd mix it up too. Upon the climax battle of the movie Terry's pal Maxine would don a new Robin Beyond suit and Bruce Wayne would climb into a Dark Knight Returns style Tank from way back in the cave and they'd all take on the splicers for the win.

The Features
A back up short form cartoon (10 Min) will ship on the same dvd disk centered around the Suicide Squad & would be written by John Ostrander him self. It would feature a smaller unit due to time constraints: Dead Shot, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, and Nightshade.

The Fine Print
Two cutting edge DC properties packaged together on the same disk? Each of these properties have hard core fans that are always clambering for their return in one form of media or another and who knows, the Squadders may have a bigger impact than Batman Beyond.

What animated Direct2DvD movie would you like to see?

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