Monday, February 1, 2010

Behold the New Banner!

Check out the great new banner thanks to the incredibly talented (and busy) Pierre Villeneuve! These weekly free comics were initially just something I started to do so I could help spread the word on digital comics (legally) - however, over time, I have come to love the Golden Age world of comics as much (if not more) than modern comics. So, I thought it would be about time to add some of the Golden Age characters to the FBU banner.

Some of the Golden Age characters you may recognize as they are based on Public Domain characters (Blue Beetle, Cat-Man, The Heap, The Human Bomb) - the others are original creations from Pierre (Purple Puma, The GA Saturn Knight, Red Death and the GA Wild Card)

Hopefully, starting in March or April (depending on the Canadian Animation job market) you will get to see a lot more of Pierre's art on the Golden Age characters.

Until then, here are two great issues of Smash Comics!

[ Smash 04 ]

[ Smash 09 ]

- Enjoy!


Caine said...

I like the new banner. It looks very nice.

Caine said...

I like the new banner, very cool.

Sphinx Magoo said...

I like the new banner, but Cat-Man needs pants under those briefs. That Robin look is so early 20th Century...

JimShelley said...

Thank you Caine!

Sphinx - yeah, I agree on the pants, but it's sort of how the character looked sometimes. I think if we use him in a comic, we will go with pants though.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

Thanks guy.

Well it is the Catman from the 40s... but I get what you mean.

I guess we should give him some pants.

As King Faraday said; "Real men wear pants." ;)

GACN said...

Great banner...thanks for the Smash!

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