Monday, February 8, 2010

Clowns, Captains and Condors

Hey guys, today I bring you probably the best scanned quality Golden Age comic I've ever seen, but it doesn't come without cost.

See, today's beautifully scanned issue of Crack Comics 24 is from a gentleman by the name of Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. A true fan of Golden Age comics who uses his own money to buy and scan comics for other fans to enjoy. What I'm asking of you today is one of two things:

You can make a donation to Jim via paypal care of:'ve done it - don't worry it's not some weird scam.)

Or you can send Jim an email and tell him how much you appreciate his work. Or you can simply post a comment on this blog, and I'll make sure the comments reach Jim myself.

I can't make you do either of these, but if you enjoy the comics you download from here every week, then please at least consider it. :)

Crack Comics 24

[ Crack Comics 24 ]

Crack Comics 30

[ Crack Comics 30 ]

And yes, I do find the cover with the clown utterly disturbing...

1 comment:

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