Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creator Profiles: Jorge Calamato

The Butterfly BackStory was originally something I cobbled together in Flash using a bunch of clipart and images I found in Google. It was really just something I was using to *sell* Pierre on the character, because he wanted a more classic Vampire character, and I wanted to go in a different direction.

It was never really supposed to be seen by anybody but Pierre, but when we started the Donator's site, I decided to let Donator's see what I'd made.

As it turned out, a lot of the donators really enjoyed the story, but felt it needed better illustrations. Thinking about it, I decided they were right, but because the story was so much darker than other Flashback stories, I wanted a different look and feel for the story. (Sort of how the Mike Ploog's Werewolf by Night looked so different than the rest of the Marvel Universe titles.)

This led me to search for an artist with a unique style and possibly some horror influences on Digital Webbing. Which is how I found Jorge.

Number one thing I can tell you about Jorge: English is NOT his native tongue. :D

While working him on the Butterfly Backstory, he used to send me these e-mails that would keep me up at nights.

Example: "Jorge, be sure to include some soldiers on page 24, as I refer to them in the script."

Reply: "Yes, to me you will see the artwork, as you requested in most beautiful ways the story of the young girl haunted by tragic past."

...uh. Okay.

Now, I won't kid you. After a few e-mails like that, I was really worried about the pages Jorge was going to turn in, but damn if he didn't hit the nail on the head each and every time! His art was just great, the line work phenomenal and the composition was top notch! Also, he hit his deadline with time to spare!

The whole experience really taught me to disregard how artist express themselves verbally and just wait until the pages start rolling in.

Still, Jorge, if you know someone who could translate your e-mails for you, *would* make me more comfortable on future projects. :)

Interesting sidenote 1: The Butterfly Backstory is the most downloaded Flashback Universe title currently on the site by a WIDE margin. I think this says a lot about Jorge's cover design for the comic. :)

Interesting sidenote 2: I never really intended to do Backstories as a part of the Flashback Universe. The Butterfly Backstory and the Last Angel Backstory were originally character proposals I made in Flash and sent Pierre for both characters. These are posted in the donators section, and a lot of donators said I should go ahead and convert them into cbr/comic format. were a result of donators commenting on my character proposals in the extras section.

Jorge's answers to my Creator Survey:

1-What Flashback Universe comic did you work on, orare you currently scheduled to work on?

I worked on "Butterfly Backstory". Excellent story andI like the character in the same vein of Underworld.

2-Do you have a link to a blog/portfolio you wouldlike me to include?

3-What comics from the 70's did you like when you weregrowing up?

I don't know exactly what kind of comics I prefer, butI know what kind of comic artist or creator I want to be: Alex Toth, Hugo Pratt, Jorge Zaffino, JohnBuscema, Alberto Breccia, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller.

4-Current trend in comics you hate now?

I don't hate any trend in comics. Only I don't like manga and anime. But I don't hate these styles. You can learn from any style of art that represents any culture.

5-Current trend in comics you like now?

Mike Mignola and Frank Miller as writers and artists.

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