Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About Comic Book Covers

So, one of my favorite blogs, The Beat linked to this article about ICV2 [ Sharpening the Swords - Where Are The Villains? ] which discusses the cross generational appeal of the old Silver Age Covers. Since much of what I'm trying to do with Flashback Universe is capture the look and feel of the old Silver Age Bronze Age comic books, I thought I'd take a few moments to compare covers today with covers from the Silver/Bronze Age...

First, let's compare the cover of our First Flashback Universe comic...

And here is the latest cover of Marvel's Nova relaunch (I think this is version 3)

Now, I'll be honest with you - obviously the Nova 8 cover is a *more realistic* image (I guess) but GEEZ is it ever boring! Look at the action and images shown on the Saturn Knight Cover - it instantly makes you go, "What's going on here?"

If you want to know why both DC and Marvel are failing to establish new characters (and trust me, they are...) it's because of these horrible GENERIC (there I said it) covers...

Has there even been a cover as cool as this published in the last year?

Mummy + Spider-Man + Fainted JJ Jameson = AWESOME!

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