Friday, October 5, 2007

Creator Profiles: Pierre Villeneuve

Okay, if you've been reading these in order from the bottom of the page up, then you've seen how Chris Nye's Brother Destiny and some comments and Indy comics made by Phil Looney started me down the road of making the Flashback Universe.

The one missing piece of the puzzle was finding an artist who would be willing to work on such a project.

It needed to be someone who:

1) Had a great appreciation for the Bronze age comic book format and

2) Was willing to try this new form of digital distribution.

And let me tell you, THAT was NOT an easy combination to find.

I posted my add on Digital Webbing looking for artists who were able to draw in the 1970's Marvel Style. I got a TON of responses. From those responses I narrowed the field down to 16. To those 16, I sent what I was willing to pay per a page and a description of my digital comic idea.

Well, the pay rate was fine with all but 4 of these 16. However the whole, "You mean you aren't ever going to print them?" thing pretty much washed out all but 1 guy. That one lone wolf who was willing to take a chance on bringing LEGITIMATE digital comics to the world?

Pierre Villeneuve!

Once I had settled on Pierre, I began to study his portfolio in earnest to get an idea of what type of characters/format he could really shine on. If you click on the link below in the survey section, you'll see Pierre's Portfolio. It's an impressive collection of animation and sequential art that has gotten him a lot of notice in the animation field. I soon realized that Pierre could probably handle anything I tossed at him, and we began setting up the characters who would be the backbone of our universe.

Pierre is very much the Jack Kirby of the Flashback Universe, not just in the sense that his design skills completely shape every character in our universe, but also in that he has been key to helping design the personalities and themes that make the universe so distinct.

I've said this countless times to all my friends here - I am truly lucky to have a friend and partner like Pierre to work with on Flashback Universe!

Thank you Pierre!

Here are Pierre's answers to my Creator Survey:

What Flashback Universe comic did you work on, or are you currently scheduled to work on?

I worked on the Saturn Knight issue, the League of Monsters issue, the Fantom Force issue, and the Last Angel backstory.

Am schedule for a Paladin issue, a Runewraith issue, and another Saturn Knight issue. And maybe something special (if Jim likes what I send him it that is ;) ).

Do you have a link to a blog/portfolio you would like me to include?

What comics from the 70's did you like when you were growing up?

Spider-man, Avengers, Captain America, Iron-man, Karate Kid. Hulk.

What writers/artists do you think you are most influenced by?

Sal Buscema, John Byrne, George Perez amongst many many others.

Current trend in comics you hate now?

Decompressed stories.

Current trend in comics you like now?

Can't think of any right now.... will have to give this some more thoughts. ;)

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