Friday, October 5, 2007

Creator Profiles: Phil Looney

If Chris Nye was responsible for the birth of the theme of Flashback Universe, then Phil Looney is the guy who is responsible for the birth of the idea of Flashback as a downloadable digital comic. This is ironic, as Phil is one of those DIE HARD Comics Must Be On Paper guys. :D

What happened was several years ago, I had just discovered cbr comics (thanks to comments made by both Rich Johnston and Warren Ellis) and the entire pirate digital comics scene.

I was just floored by the amount of digital comics available on the internet and on ebay. Being someone who loves all things electronic and readable on my laptop, I was amazed at how easy it was to find, well, ANYTHING I wanted in the dark and dusty DC++ backwaters.

I mentioned this to Phil, (who always indulges my crazy ideas) and he thought it might be great way to get comics out to kids, but that old school readers would want their paper comics. I started thinking about that, and what I wanted to do with my Old School comic idea and realized that this might be a great way to *test* two theories at the same time:

1) The theory that younger won't like old school comics.

2) The theory that old school reader won't like digital comics.

Since starting Flashback Universe, Phil has been 100% supportive in that he is always happy to suggest new ways I can reach out to readers and improve my website. This very blog is the result of his steadfast advice. :)

Also, Phil is big advocate of small press comics. Since I've known him, I've watched him put together two great small press comics The New Adventures of Jack Kirby and Gone To Texas. His initiative in this area was another thing that made me get off my butt and start up Flashback Universe.

So without further adieu allow me to introduce Phil Looney to the Flashback Universe readers:

What Flashback Universe comic did you work on, or are you currently scheduled to work on?

I'm working on a Golden Age Wildcard story.

Do you have a blog or portfolio site?:

What comics from the 70's did you like when you were growing up?

All my 70s comics were back issues, but I had some old Spider-man comics with Rocket Racer, and some great reprints of Spider-man by Gil Kane that I loved. Also, Marvel Team Up.

What writers/artists do you think you are most influenced by?

Right now I would say Scott McCloud, Matt Fraction,Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Jack Kirby, Robert Ullman,and Jack Hamm

Current trend in comics you hate now?

Decompression - I'd like more one and done stuff.

Current trend in comics you like now?

Reprinting old stuff to get it in people's hands.

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