Friday, July 1, 2011

The Beginning of a New Age

Editor's Note: I can't promise this will be the last article on the DC Relaunch you'll read on this site. As a comic news event, it's probably the biggest one we've had since Crisis on Infinite Earths rebooted the DC Universe - and that didn't have the digital angle. So with that in mind, Clayton and I are happy to present some quick thoughts today on what is sure to be the start of a new age, one way or another. - Jim

Clayton: To be perfectly honest, when I heard about the DC Reboot, I was a little concerned. However, I wanted to wait a little longer and see what they had to offer before I made any judgments.

Jim: Yeah, my knee jerk reaction was that as a creative move, it struck me as sort of played (how many reboots have we seen that failed?) but as a big, bold marketing move, it was sort of genius.

Clayton: Now after seeing their September previews, I can honestly say this just doesn't work for me. I can overlook many of the changes; even learn to accept this new Superman but there is a lot of stuff that rubs me too wrong.

Jim: I’m still in wait and see mode. I’m actually excited about both versions of Superman coming out. Morrison’s will be either an amazing success or a fabulous train wreck because that’s how Morrison’s stuff always seems to me. I have no idea what Perez will do with the character, but he’s such a classic old school guy that I’m betting I’ll find some stuff to like in it.

Clayton: I just don't like the fact that there is now, nor apparently ever was, a Justice Society of America. Decades of history that built the foundation of a once great company is gone. It has been said that they wanted the more contemporary heroes to be the originals. Big, big mistake!

Jim: That to me is one of the dumbest things about this. The beauty of the old DC Universe is that you had all of the characters from different spans of time in the universe (Golden Age, Silver Age, ect…) which meant that artistically, no one era dictated the look and feel of the universe. I mean, would anyone really design characters to look like Wonder Woman or Firestorm now? Imagine if this global redesign had taken place in the 90’s.

Clayton: As for their new line up of titles, very few actually appeal to me at all. I was once a huge Teen Titans fan, but honestly, I can barely keep my lunch down when I see what is going to pass for the Titans now.

Ok, that may be a bit harsh, but the uniform designs are really not the best, (And don't even get me started on Harley Quinn and Black Canary's new looks).  Speaking of the 90's, Black Canary actually has shoulder pads!

Jim: I’m looking forward to Justice League International and OMAC. Others I may check out our I, Vampire and Resurrection Man. (Which strikes me as a bit of a odd ball. Of all the titles to bring back, that’s the one they choose?)

Clayton: Yeah, it’s not all bad. There are some titles that I may start checking out. The new Hawk and Dove looks interesting, as well as Frankenstein: Agent of Shade. Legion Lost, The Grifter, Justice League International, possibly Blue Beetle, Fury of Firestorm, and Static Shock as well. If these comics can hold my interest, then maybe I will step out of myself a bit and try one or two of other titles.

Jim: Either way it works out, this promises to be one of the most exciting years in comics. :)

- Have a great July 4th Weekend everyone!


Reno said...

I'm wondering... The changes that stemmed from the original Crisis weren't poorly received, but the changes that will stem from Flashpoint seems to bring out a lot of ill feelings from comic readers.

Is it just because we have the internet now that the voices of fans are being heard? Did the 80s readers feel this way too but had no outlet in which to voice their concerns?

MattComix said...

I think the DC relaunch is dubious at best. It's the same cooks in the kitchen that brought us stuff like Infinite Crisis and Cry For Justice only now they've let Jim Lee turn the Justice League into a WildCATS cosplay.

Besides, if DC Editorial thinks Superman's trunks are what was killing their sales they clearly have learned nothing.


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