Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Kirby Krackle Konspiracy

How many times have people commented on the indosyncratic technological designs during the Silver Age?

Many people attribute this to stylistic choices made by Jack Kirby as he chronicled the adventures of various characters, but I think I know the real truth. What we think of as the Kirby style with huge terminating dots and metal inlays that swoosh in wild directions on machines with seemingly no purpose are actually a barely understood form of arcane runic designs which have been integrated with the technology.

The source of these designs all stem back to early magic/technology integrations Victor Von Doom made while at college. It was only Jack Kirby who dared show us how these items really looked!

Some theorize that Doom was combining the long forgotten power of ley lines and Nazca designs to make technology do things more efficiently and faster than ever before.  Doesn't this Nazca Whale does look similar to designs Kirby uses in some of his art?

He was already experimenting with such innovations prior to his scholarship to college, but he made his real progress while working on experiments there. That is what amazed Reed Richards so much when he stumbled upon Doom's notes. Reed was so impressed with the theories, that he would later use of them in his own inventions, so much so that people now associate their origin with him.

After Doom was expelled, the government seized his notes and his work would later appear in some of the tech used by SHIELD.

Of course agents of both HYDRA and AIM would get their eyes on these notes which is why we see it in Captain America.

Now the question arises, Did Doom come up with this himself? The answer is no. We see this form of technology appearing in ancient lost civilizations

in Attilan:

and in Wakanda, 

Some people suggest the true origin of this Rune Tech is the home of the Eternals brought here from space by the Celestials...

But that doesn't explain how how this technology shows up even in alternate dimensions and parallel universes...

Others argue that it is simply a stylistic attribute of Kirby's art, but that can't be right because this style shows up in other artists renderings as well.

Obviously, Jack Kirby was onto something!

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MattComix said...

The secret is in the squiggly line Kirby uses for sinew. Decipher it and one can unlock the secrets of the universe while creating awesome superhero comics at the same time!


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