Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No More Comics For Pierre

I came to realize something the other day as I was reading my Wolverine Omnibus edition...
I would buy no more Wolverine comics.

Mike Mignola WolverineI had all the Wolverine tales I would ever want to read.
I have the Wolverine Omnibus.
I have about a dozen Wolverine comics from issue 11 to 23.
I have a couple of one-shots, Bloodlust by Davis, Jungle Adventure by Mignola, and Bloody Choices by John Buscema.
Oh and I almost forgot the Marvel Comics Presents volume 2 TPB also by John Buscema (can you guys tell I am an artist kind of guy??). ;)

So I pretty much have all the Wolverine comics I would ever own.

But then I looked at the rest of my comics...And realized that I had all the X-men I would want except maybe the 2 remaining Essential Classic X-men that I still need to buy. But once I will buy those 2 Essential Classic X-men... I will own pretty much all the X-men comics that I want. And then I looked at other series.

The FF?? Once I get the Essentials up to the end of Byrne's run... I will have no reason to buy anymore FF comics... unless they release some John Byrne FF Omnibus... or some George Perez FF Omnibus maybe??

Captain America?? After the Essential up to the last issue of Mike Zeck... I will buy no more Captain America comics.

Hulk?? Until the end Of Sal Buscema's run.
Iron-man?? Until the end of the Layton/Romita JR run.... or maybe until the end of the Armor Wars storyline?? We shall see.
And so on.

So I realized that once I will have bought all them Essentials... since I barely buy new comics anymore... since I pretty much buy mostly old comics... I realized that at some point...

... I would have all the comics that I would want....

...and would buy little to no new comics.

Hopefully, there will remain some awesome comics like Invincible that will remain great and worth buying. But I don't foresee myself buying any new X-men comics for example. Not just because once you have the X-men Omnibus, the various Essentials, and a handful of other runs with Jim Lee or Alan Davis... you pretty much have the best of the best. But also... there is no way to make sense of what happens in the current X-men comics. I look at an X-men comic and have no clue as to what the hell is going on.

Although maybe if they have an upcoming X-men run by Alan Davis... I might give it a shot. But then again I doubt it. The last Uncanny X-men run by Davis was plagued by fill in artists.
So I might even pass on such comics... or I might get the Alan Davis issues only and say to Hades with the story and the fill-in issues.

So I still have 3 or 4 Essentials to look forward to on most of the series that I like (Captain America, Hulk, Iron -Man, Thor, FF, Avengers, etc)... but once I do get them Essentials... I will pretty much have run out of comics to buy.

Guess I will save a lot of money by then.... and I will be waiting even more impatiently for any upcoming Invincible Ultimate Collection.Which is good since I have been spending wayyyy too much money buying Omnibuses and Essentials lately.

So my wallet sure could use the break. ;)

I have seen for years comic collectors/readers who were no longer buying new comics... but who were simply filling the gaps in their comic collection. Although where I fill the gaps in my collection with Omnibuses and Essentials... since I don't care about owning the original comic... I just care about reading them stories... but they fill the gaps in their collection by buying the original comics themselves. Heck I have a friend who I think is crazy when he spends a hundred dollars or two to get a single issue of Amazing Spider-man that he is missing in his collection.

Why do I think he is crazy?? Because he could buy all the Spider-man Essentials for what he paid for just one or two of his comics.
But he wants to read the original comics.

But for years now... I have seen people like him who buy pretty much only old comics.
Seems like I am one of them now.
Damn! How did that happen?

It never occurred to me that I would be one day one of them guys - I who still thought that I was a young guy. ;)

Guess I will have to throw away my electric razor, let my beard grow and go buy myself a walking stick.

Until next time.



Caine said...

No DC? :(

MattComix said...

My only problem with the Essentials volumes is that I kinda prefer to see those stories in color which is why I'm glad Marvel finally does the Masterworks volumes in paperback form. The artwork holds up fine either way.

For DC it's a bit more random. Most recently I picked up the Perez stuff from the Satellite era of JLA and snagged some older tpbs of MOS era Superman stuff when I started listening to the From Crisis To Crisis podcast on Superman Homepage. I had long since ditched my own floppy copies because I got sick of bags, boards and longboxes. I went tpb only before tpb only was cool because I couldn't ruin it by breathing on it wrong and when I read it I could just pop it onto a bookshelf.

But yeah trust me Pierre I know the feeling.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

Caine; there is a reason why I did not mention DC. But you will have to read it in a future blog. ;)

Matt: Yeah I have been a TPB guy for some time now. Although once in a while I will get a series in singles format.


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