Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marvel Price Explosion?

$74.99 US/$83.99 CAN
$84. That is the price for the X-men the Dark Phoenix Saga 30th Anniversary Edition HC in Canada. In the US, the price is only $10 cheaper at $75.

Am I crazy or is this wayyyyyyyy overpriced?? About twice what it should be??

I had read online how Marvel seemed to have increased the prices of their TPBs... but since I mostly buy Essentials these days... I never really noticed this.

But when I saw this magnificent edition of one of the BEST X-men Sagas in comic history... I just knew I HAD to get it. Then the store clerk told me the price.... and I could not believe it. I was sure there was some kind of mistake.... but it seems that ... no... it was not the clerk pulling a fast one on me... this was real.

How could this be???

This past year... I bought the Avengers Forever HC, and the Avengers/Invaders HC which are pretty much the same size, same page count and format. The Avengers Forever HC was $35 US... and the Avengers/Invaders HC was $40 US.

Editor's Note: They are actually even cheaper on Amazon: Avengers Forever, Avengers/Invaders are about $25 and $20 respectively. Strangely, the 30th Anniversary Edition of DPS isn't available on Amazon...

What could possibly justify such price increase (other then Marvel wanting to make even more money that is)??

I am used that us Canadians always get screwed with the CAN prices...but it seems that it's not only us in the great white north... but pretty much everyone who gets screwed this time. Is there any kind of explanation to justify such a price increase?? Or are we royally being screwed over by Marvel in this case??

...I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong... it is a really nice book. But it does seem overpriced compared to other books that came out in the same format not that long ago.

What do you guys think??

I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this.



JimShelley said...

Yes, that price DOES seem out of line for the page count. I wonder if this isn't a result of financial restructuring Quebecor had to go through last year? I think that caused the prices of regular comics to go up, so it seems logical that the trades would eventually see a similar increase.

Or it could just be Marvel making a Money-grab.

MattComix said...

For that amount of money it should be able to let me travel in time and watch Byrne at his desk while he's drawing the pages for it.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

I would bet that it is Marvel making a money grab... but I have no more money to bet. ;)

But seriously.... I was just surprised at the price difference compared to other comics in similar format that came out not that long ago.

And I thought someone might know something that I don't.


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