Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Whiz Comics

Whenever I post old Fawcett comics here on Free Comics Monday, I have just the slightest twinge of hesitation because, you know, DC Comics Entertainment now owns all of the characters.

Then I read stuff like this...

Following the success of Warner's film noir-inspired Batman film The Dark Knight and the commercial failure of its lighter, family-friendly Speed Racer during the summer of 2008, August departed from the project after being forced to make the film's script more in line with The Dark Knight's serious tone. The film is now in development with Bill Birch and JSA/52 co-author Geoff Johns assigned to write the screenplay. ~ wikipedia

...and all my hesitation vanishes.

Enjoy these two Non-Dark installments of the adventures of Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics.

[ Whiz 46 ]

Whiz 138

[ Whiz 138 ]

On a more serious note - I would like to take this time to remember Frank Coghlan, who died at the age of 93 back on October 5th. Frank played Billy Batson in the 1946 movie serial The Adventures of Captain Marvel.

Frank Coghlan in The Adventures of Captain Marvel

Considered by many as one of the best movie serials of all times, I would encourage people to check out the series if you never have. In keeping with the times, there is a scene where Captain Marvel shoots people with a machine gun, which just goes to show Hollywood has a long history of not really understanding the Big Red Cheese. ;)

- Jim

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Reno said...

R.I.P. Frank Coghlan.

As for the Captain Marvel serial, I've seen only three serials in my life, and I would say that it's the best among them. Although some say Zorro's Fighting Legion is among the best, too.

Can't they have Jerry Ordway as creative consultant on the film? The Shazam series he did was true to the character. I also liked the way he incorporated the Scorpion artifact from the serial into the comics. :)

As for who should star as Captain Marvel, I'd really like to see Dean Cain in the role (he looks so much like the Big Red Cheese) but I know that's not gonna happen. :(


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