Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Space Western

Okay, in my time of posting public domain comics here on my blog, I can say this is probably the most mind blowing concept comic I've ever encountered. Long before the idea of Transparent Mashups was even coined, Charlton Comics pioneered the concept with their zany comic Space Western.

What's interesting is this the actual idea of Space Westerns was a common theme in comics and science fiction, but usually there was an attempt to blend the elements.

However, such subterfuge is unnecessary for Space Western. Here,
Spur wearing cowboys and warpaint wearing Indians clash against ray gun welding Martians for the fate of humanity.

In this issue Spurs Jackson and his Space Vigilantes who in one issue fight Nazis on Mars

Space Western 44

[ Space Western 44 ]

In this issue Strong Bow, a Native American who helps the US Army fight Aztecs from Space

Space Western 42

[ Space Western 42 ]

- Enjoy!


RKB said...

Maybe this trend is what lead to the creation of one of my favorite Superman villains: Terra-Man.
You just got to embrace the weirdness. :)

Sphinx Magoo said...

Ah, this looks like fun!

There were a couple of issues of, I believe, Kid Colt that had The Kid go up against some old Atlas monsters and menaces.

Now we need some cowboys in a fantasy milieu. THAT would be cool!

Jim Shelley said...

@RKB - are you really old enough to remember Terra-Man (who was indeed freaking cool! He was always effing with Superman, while smoking a cigarette, like it wasn't hard at all.)

@Sphinx - did those issues really happen or are you just joshing me?

RKB said...

Not that old, but a have a lot of older Superman comics that have Terra-man doing his thing.
Go to comic book realm and check out the cover to Kid Colt #107 -among others- he fought the monsters. :)


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