Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pierre Speaks: Making Covers

As you guys know now, we had a comic at last month called “Kharon: Scourge of Atlantis” - while we didn't win the contest, we are going to complete the comic and will present the finished version here on Flashback Universe! :)

When we started making our Zuda proposal… there is one thing that we could not help but think that was missing from some Zuda comics…… a cover.

I may be misremembering… but I can’t recall seeing any Zuda project with a cover.

So we were all set to submit our comic with this cover.

Final Cover

But at some point, Jim decided to split one of the pages I had drawn into two pages. So we had one page too many for our proposal. We could either take out the cover…. Or take out page 08 and end our proposal on page 07.

We decided to take out the cover and use it as a promo piece instead.

Splitting a page and making two pages with it is something that we often do in our Flashback Universe comics.

Sometimes it is me who will take something that was scripted as one page and will split it in two pages if I feel there is too much material for a single page.

Or sometimes it is Jim who will take a page that I drew, and he will take it apart and make multiple pages with it. Sometimes he will make more then two pages with one page that I have drawn.

That is one of the advantages when we are making our Flashback Universe comics. We can add or remove as many pages as we see fit.

Here is a rough Kharon drawing for when I was looking for a pose for him for the cover.

Rough Cover

Also sometimes, I will make a rough drawing and play with it in Photoshop.

Pencilled Draft

And very rarely,….. rarely enough that what I really mean is pretty much never do I draw directly in Photoshop. I have no idea how some people can do it. I have a lot of respect for those who can do that because I find it extremely frustrating when I try to draw directly in Photoshop.

So the following sketch will be an obvious example of why I never draw directly in Photoshop.

Not in photoshop


I can tweak an already existing drawing with Photoshop. But drawing from scratch in Photoshop is beyond me at this point.

So I will keep on drawing by hand and scanning/editing my drawings in Photoshop for the near future. ;)

Until next time.

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