Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Comics Monday - 4 Issues of Crack Comics

As you may remember, last week, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to post any free comics. So this week, to make it up, I'm post four issues of Crack Comics!

Perhaps the character in Crack Comics I find most intriguing is The Black Condor, simply because his only power is he can fly. Notice how later issues of the series he was given his own special gun to jazz him up.

Along the same lines - It seems to me that on his Freedom Fighter's run, Gerry Conway revamped the powers of the Quality heroes for a more modern (1970's) audience. (Like didn't the Phantom Lady gained the ability to become ethereal?) I can't recall if this jazzing up extended to the Black Condor.

And I never read the Ryan Kendall Black Condor Series, so I don't know how the character was revamped there.

Crack Comics 03Crack Comics 11
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Crack Comics 21Crack Comics 23
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Unknown said...

that is cool mate i will check it out


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