Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Planet Comics

Today I present two issues of Fiction House series Planet Comics.

From wikipedia:

Planet Comics was a science fiction comic-book title produced by Fiction House and issued from Jan. 1940 (issue 1) to 1953 (issue 73). Like many of Fiction House's early comics titles, Planet Comics was a spinoff of a pulp magazine, in this case Planet Stories, which featured space operatic tales of muscular, heroic space adventurers who were quick with their ray pistols and always running into gorgeous females who needed rescue from bug-eyed space aliens or fiendish interstellar bad guys.


[ Download Planet Comics 44 ]

More from Wikipedia:

As a comic book, Planet Comics was the foremost purveyor of good girl art in the comics, and is considered highly collectible by modern fans of comics' Golden Age. Each page of each story featured at least one large image of a very lovely female, attired in very little in the way of costume, and in particular displaying long, bare legs.

However, as with many other Fiction House comics, a number of the series developed by Planet Comics upped the ante by providing female heroines who handily defeated the space aliens and interplanetary bad guys, while needing no or little assistance from males. Cynics might have noted that this proto-feminist strategy in effect simply multiplied the number of lovely girls shown per panel, and insured that each and every panel featured at least one smashing spacegirl. Fiction House also employed a number of female artists to work on such tales, particularly Lily Renée, Marcia Snyder, Ruth Atkinson and Fran Hopper, whose art for "Mysta of the Moon" was often stunning.

Miss Masque

[ Download Planet Comics 45 ]


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