Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Comics Monday: More Daredevil

Today I present two more issues of Lev Gleason's great Golden Age Daredevil. Pierre loves the Golden Age heroes and has been champing at the bit to use them in a Flashback Universe story, but until recently, I just couldn't think of a way that was new and different. I just came up with a really nice idea last week, so expect to see them appearing in the FBU this year.

Our use of the character will actually be the THIRD time he's been revived unless I'm mistaken...

From Wikipedia:

In the late 1980s, AC Comics revived Daredevil as part of that publisher's superhero universe. Renamed Reddevil, he appeared as a guest character in Femforce #45 & #50 before starring in the one-shot title Reddevil #1 (1991).

Unexplored Worlds 05

[ Download Daredevil 18 ]

More from Wikipedia:

Daredevil is one of several public domain Golden Age characters set to appear in Image Comics' Next Issue Project spearheaded by Image's publisher Erik Larsen. Daredevil will be returning once again to Silver Streak Comics, the book which introduced him to the public. A variation on Daredevil appeared in the comic-book series Project Superpowers, by writer Jim Krueger and artist Alex Ross. In this series, he's billed as The Death-Defying 'Devil.

Unexplored Worlds 09

[ Download Daredevil 30 ]


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