Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Comics Monday: We Invade Mars!

Today we invade Mars! (Not only will it be good for the economy, but we need their oil too.)

[ Man of Mars 01 ]

I would also like take this opportunity to direct your attention to ZUDA where we currently have a Retro Sci-Fi project entered in the November Contest.

Planet X: In a 1960s that never was, Dylan Gunn, agent of Directorate: PLANET X, fights the enemies of the free world across a solar system out of pulp fiction dreams. His current mission: neutralize the Spider-Queen of Mars!!

[ Click Here for Planet X ]

Fans of 007 Movies and/or John Carter of Mars will dig this comic as it's influenced by swinging spy action of movies as In Like Flynn and GoldFinger and the Martian landscapes of Edgar Rice Burroughs and C.L. Moore.


Now listen guys. I don't ask about lot from you. You don't hear me plead for donations or bitch and moan because no one clicks on my google ads do you? So the least you can do is go and vote for my Zuda comic.

Look - if I win that Zuda contest, it will be like Don Quixote smelling sulfur at a windmill, okay? I'll be full steam ahead about making more Digital Comics. So, if you want to keep Free Comics Monday and Flashback Universe *agoing* then get busy with the clicky clickies.


And here is this weeks second free comic - my last issue of Planet Comics.

[ Planet Comic 73 ]



Caine said...

You've got my vote.

Jim Shelley said...

Thank you for your support!


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