Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper Comic DeathWatch: MID Devices

Before I begin this latest installment of PCDW, I'd like to announce that Sean Kleefeld [ ] has won the Paper Comics DeathWatch Logo Contest.

Check out his winning entry!

Thank you Sean! (and everyone else who sent in a logo too.)

Okay, a few weeks ago, I introduced you to the term UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC.
As luck would have it, the current issue of PC Magazine has a nice feature on Ultra Mobile PCs. Now I usually find PC Magazine to be a ho hum collection of articles on How to Get the Most Out of XP! or The Top 50 Free Apps You Need for Your PC!, but this issue has a lot of nice stuff in it, so check out a copy at your local place that still sells books (and you best not tarry, because we know how long those places are gonna be around...)

And before anyone asks - my subscription to PC Magazine was a gift.

Moving on.

Well, this week, I'm gonna introduce you to another term: the MID or Mobile Internet Device. Here are some great videos of a few Mobile Internet Devices in action.

Sneak Peek of Intel based BenQ Mobile Internet Device

The Intel MID

Full article on the Intel Mid Here

The video below comes from Josh Bancroft of

And the Lenovo MID (only available in China currently, but coming to America)

Another video with the incredibly cute Veronica Belmont

PCDW Points for the Oncoming Wave of MID devices: 2000

Paper Comic DeathWatch Bonus Link:

Submitted by RAB (the author of the Fantom Force comic) sent in this great link wherein author, pirate DJ, magazine editor and economist Matt Mason giving the keynote speech at the Medici Summit; Matt talks about the theories in his book The Pirate's Dilemma, which discusses the ways that pirates can benefit society, the economy and the businesses they profit upon.

Now while this has Zero to do with Paper Comics becoming like B/W Television, his thinking is very similar to mine in that the industry should be learning from the pirate scene instead of trying to close it down.

Thank you for the link RAB!


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