Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Study in Scarlet

From Bleeding Cool comes the news that Marvel is going to introduce a new Scarlet Spider character in a story that dares readers to guess his true identity!

Y'know, as much as I love me some mystery stories, sometime Flashback contributor Trey Causey and I were wondering why is it that comics seem to only tell the same type of mystery?

Who is this mystery character?
I can understand wrestling using that worn out plot device because there ain't a lot of time to spend on narrative in wrestling, but comics should be different, right?

Still, more and more, we are treated to a new spin of the Who is Ronin!? type of storyline. Say what you will about Identity Crisis, but at least Brad Metzer took a different tack with his mystery. (Albeit, his resolution was utterly ridiculous.)

What's sad is that the original Scarlet Spider/Ben Reily storyline had a lot of real mystery to it back in the nineties other than who the character was. (At the time, we all knew it was the clone from Spider-man 149)

The reasons the original return to the Clone Saga storyline overstayed its welcome have been WELL documented at Still, that saga still has its fans and this return to the well may draw some of them in to see if Ben Reilly is returning to Marvel continuity. I just have to wonder if in a comic universe where there are now multiple Spider-girls, Ultimate Spider-men and Spider-women, will a Scarlet Spider story be just more noise on the wire?

I think the real mystery here is going to be what is Marvel going to do next to try and pull readers in when a mystery character in a hoodie doesn't work?

With that, enjoy today's appropriate Free Comic: Sherlock Holmes from Charlton Comics.
[ Sherlock Holmes 1 ]


- Jim


MattComix said...

"The Foundation"? Oh god, yet another across the line event thing.

Trey said...

@Matt - And anther recycled idea.

MattComix said...

and another round of lame trade-dress that makes all the covers in the line look like crap.


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