Friday, October 21, 2011

DC Retroactive Sales

Because the internet issues, I have to post with my phone today, so this ain't gonna be pretty.

Last week Pierre sent me this email:

Hi Jim,

I just saw the sales on the Retroactive comics from DC at the Beat.

Guess DC won't publish any more of those. :(

DC RETROACTIVE: THE 70S 07/2011: Batman -- 14,340 07/2011:
The Flash -- 12,098 07/2011:
Wonder Woman -- 11,462 07/2011: Green Lantern -- 13,587 07/2011:
JLA -- 12,582 07/2011:
Superman -- 12,264

171/180/185/193/198/202 - DC RETROACTIVE: THE 80S 08/2011: Batman -- 12,534 08/2011:
The Flash -- 10,446 08/2011:
Wonder Woman -- 10,079 08/2011: Green Lantern -- 11,398 08/2011:
JLA -- 10,583 08/2011:
Superman -- 11,072

179/183/195/208/210/214 - DC RETROACTIVE: THE 90S 08/2011: Batman -- 11,609 08/2011:
The Flash -- 9,512 08/2011:
Wonder Woman -- 9,290 08/2011: Green Lantern -- 10,527 08/2011:
JLA -- 11,205 08/2011:
Superman -- 9,443

My Thoughts: This makes me a little sad, because I really enjoyed the Retroactive books, but  looking at the sales, I don't think DC is gonna try something like this in a while.

Which begs the question why didn't you do well? Was it retailers? Lack of marketing? Apathy from comic buyers? An unfortunate combination of all three?

I am going to place the bulk of the blame on retailers, because in my local comic shop most of these comics sold out. Marketing seems less guilty as generally the comics got a good bit written about them on the internet before they came out and then more buzz about them as they were reviewed by bloggers and podcasters. To me, this feels really feels like a case of retailers not gauging the audience very well.

As further proof, I would present the amount of reorders on the DC 52 which were all returnable. The fact that so many of those sold out multiple times shows retailers are just not paying attention.

Have a great weekend!

- Jim


Caine said...

Thank you for filling in for me on this. I was unable to produce this post for reasons I can't get in to here.

I've read the 90s titles (which is where I was going to start my own post) and I have to say they NAILED the 90s books! GL and Batman particularly feel exactly right.

Maybe they did too good a job you know? That's a thought.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

The price point might have been a factor.

$4.99 for a book that is half reprint.

If you do not have the reprint... it is a good deal.

But if you Do have the reprint... that is a steep price.

Also the printing was... not good. I had to get a CBR copy of the comic because the printing is WAYYYYYY to dark in my JLA copy.

I will post the pages in a future blog.


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