Friday, June 5, 2009

More League of Monsters

On the production side of things here at Flashback Universe, we've sort of hit a weird downtime. Gina is currently working on an iPod comic project, so she's tied up there and Pierre may be getting an animation job, so he might be sort of busy for the next few months. (Never sure how long those animation jobs last...)

However, Pierre is working hard on what he wants to be our next Zuda pitch - a League of Monsters story featuring the LoM vs The U-Bolts. Here is a scene from that proposal.

League of Monsters - Holy War

You can click it for a high rez version.

Pierre is also still working on our Kharon, Scourge of Atlantis comic, and we are about half way done with that comic.

Speaking of Kharon, check out this pinup image drawn by the awesome Chaz Truog and colored by Ray Chipp

Kharon - Tomb of the Gorgon

Finally, if your a donator on the site, then you know we like to put Homages to old comic covers in our extras section. Here is one Pierre is working on now...

Forever Yesterday

Have a great weekend!


Walter Ostlie said...

nice stuff.

Jim Shelley said...

Thank you Walter! BTW - I wanted to say I really liked Cubicles! I hope you find a way to continue that comic. :)


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