Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pierre's Battle of the Cowl?

Pierre's Battle of the Cowl?I came up with the idea for Battle for the Cowl.

I swear I did. ;)

Two decades before the “Battle for the Cowl” at DC, Heck even before Knightfall,
I came up with my own “Battle for the Cowl”.

I wish I could claim to have some merit… but I guess that as soon as there was a second Robin, someone would ask the question;

“Who will replace Batman when he dies?”

At the time, Robin was Jason Todd.

Whenever I was making a comic submission… or heck, even just some pages just for fun, I would always try to come up with some sort of twist.

I am pretty sure that pretty much everyone would have made Dick the new Batman with Jason acting as his Robin.

But I wanted to twist things around.

So I asked myself… How could Jason come out on top in a fight between him and Dick?

At the time, it was established that Jason had been living on the street when Batman found him. So I figured that he may not be the acrobat or the detective that Dick is, but he could be a better street brawler, and heck he could have learned to fight dirty on the street.

So I decided to make him the winner of my “Battle for the Cowl”.

Here are the pages I made all them years ago.

Hope you guys will get a kick out of them pages. (Click to see full size versions.)
battle of the cowl 1battle of the cowl 2battle of the cowl 3
battle of the cowl 4battle of the cowl 5
battle of the cowl 6
I was pretty surprised when I read that DC were planning their “Battle for the Cowl”.

No not because they were using/stealing MY idea. ;)

But because they had already made Knightquest/Knightsend/Knightswhatever not that long ago.

I can understand when they remake stories from the Silver Age. I can understand that they expect that most people never read them Silver Age stories and can re-use some of them from time to time.

But to re-use a story from the Image Age (or is that the Dark Age??... What the heck do we call the 90s anyway when it comes to comics??)?? Surely most comic readers still remember Knightquest?  Heck the TPB is still available.

But then again, once again we have a World without Superman. So maybe someone at DC is tired of redoing stories from the Silver age, and it was decided to tap some stories/ideas from the 90’s instead?

Maybe they are trying to reproduce Marvel’s successes when repeating the “Age of Apocalypse” (House of M) and Acts of Vengence (Dark Reign)??

Does this mean that we will soon have a “Superman purple/Superman yellow” story? Or “Hal Jordan going mad and destroying the Green/Blue/Yellow/and all the other colors Lantern Corps”? (Okay that is unfair since Green Lantern is DC’s best book right now, and heck, maybe even the best comic book out there right now).

But then again, the real question is;

No… No… not…

“Who will be the NEW Batman?”…


“How long until the REAL Batman (or the REAL Captain America for that matter) is back from the dead?”

(Yes I know that Batman/Bruce Wayne is not dead, we saw him in the past in the last issue of Final Crisis… but you know what I mean).

Until next time.


RKB said...

I'm a Jason Todd fan, so of course I like this version of 'battle of the cowl' The mega crossover event 'who will be the next batman blah blah bleh' is the reason I stopped buying main stream superhero comics. We've had the Knight -series and the awful out of character Batman of the No man's land epoch (no not epic, it was dragged out too long to be a epic) that was the not so bright idea of Batman's assistant editors back in the day. I hope DC's latest sales stunt ends up with Todd the winner like Pierre's.
A guy wrote a book calling it The Dark Age of comics (I say it started when you got those multiple covered McFarlane Spiderman #1's and some of them were bagged for no reason in the world) so yeah The Dark Age works for me.

Jim Shelley said...

Yeah, I think I've heard of that book too. I'm starting to think this current Dark Age of comics is going to eclipse the last one. :D :\

Pierre Villeneuve said...

I used the "Dark Age" bacause I recalled some people using that term in the past.

Not just because of the quality of the comics at the time... but also because of the comic crash and of Marvel being under chapter 11.

RKB said...

Don't you love Amazon? The Dark Age: Grim, Great & Gimmicky Post-Modern Comics: by Mark Voger. It looks like a pretty interesting read, I may have to pick it sooner, or later.
considering the crash like Pierre said, I think it's a fitting name for an era we're still (I agree with Jim)probably in.
Talking about the downward spiral comics went on is always a little weird for me. I started buying comics with Green Hornet #2 and New Mutants 86 (missed 87 damn it) and I left around Spawn 14 or a few months later. I got 'in' just before the boom, and got out just before the bust. If I could do the same with the stock market I would be a rich man. ;)


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