Sunday, October 19, 2008

Free Comics Monday: The Next Generation

I focus primarily on Golden Age, Public Domain comics here each Monday, and that's because outside of illegal digital comics, there isn't a lot of legit FREE digital comics. Up until 2 years ago, Flashback Universe was about it.

However, since then, several other creators have started using cbr as format to distribute their comics, and I want to introduce you to a couple of them today.

The first is Misery Depot. Misery Depot is a free multilanguage comic drawn by Juan Romera and written by Hermés Piqué, intended for mature audiences. It can be read online as a webcomic or downloaded in various formats, such as pdf or cbr via torrents. Hermés credits Flashback Universe for giving him the inspiration for going digital, and so far he's had a great response to his comic.

An anomaly causes an elder mother to awake undressed inside a humid capsule. The voice of her daughter echoes in her memory, the intent of her words forgotten. Was she sharing the completeness of their unity, or hatefully wishing her mother's demise?

A seemingly infinite corridor of capsules hosts hundreds of persons, calmly sleeping, miserable underneath. Yet, an old man shares the mother's awareness, and is even certain of the nature of the place: a high-technology concentration camp; the second one for him to escape...

[ Download Misery Depot ]

Another neat comic to check out in CBR format is Brian Robinson's The Incredible Amazing Five. As the title would suggest, it's a fast paced, fun filled jolt of super heroe action in the tradition of your favorite team books from Marvel or DC.

I discovered Brian's site after he started following me via Twitter, and was surprised to see he had not one, but 3 issues of The Incredible Amazing Five on his site for download! Check 'em out!

[ Download The Incredible Amazing Five ]


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