Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Paper Comic DeathWatch: iTablet on the Horizon?

Today's PCDW item was sent to me from Richard Bensam (RAB), the fantastic writer on the Fantom Force comic...

From comes this article speculating on the development of a sort of iPodish eBook reader (or some form of iTablet pc)...

Opening the Book on an Apple iBook Reader

RAB points out that here is the relevant bit for comic readers:

"One interesting possibility that doesn't seem to have gotten much consideration is the ability for an eBook reader to also display comic books and graphic novels. Paper versions of comic books and graphic novels have lost much of the readership they had 20 or 30 years, ago and distribution of these products has declined markedly as well.

"What better way to reinvigorate the market for comic books and graphic novels than to include this ability in the iBook reader? Comic books might be an excellent addition to the iTunes store and, no, they are not just for kids these days. There's quite a bit of terrific graphic novels/comics available for adult reading too.

"Apple should keep all of this in mind. Comics could be a killer app for the iBook reader."

MUCH more evidence of an approaching iTablet device can be found here at this iBook Reader article.

Why does this matter? Well, if there's a slick iPod looking eBook reader that you can read your issues of Matt Fraction's Casanova or David Gallaher's High Moon while sipping coffee (or a scotch on the rocks for that matter) AND use as an ice breaker with the cute girl* reading that dog eared copy of Camille Paglia's Sex, Art, and American Culture then those things are gonna fly off the shelves at Best Buy and paper comics are gonna disappear altogether.

PCDW points: 1000

*Note: Don't waste your time on the cute girl. If she's reading Paglia, you'll have a fun 3 weeks, then you end up having to change your phone number. :/ :D

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