Friday, February 1, 2008

MyOldJob DeathWatch...

So apparently, the company I was working for has decided to get sue happy and one set of partners is suing another set. Where this leaves me is sort of a gray area, so I'm going to spend the next couple of days looking at job postings on Monster and CareerBuilder. the meantime, please check out Todd Allen's wonderful breakdown of the 2007 Comic Sales numbers.

Take Home Test:
While I'm searching for a new job, please feel free to combine Todd's article with the news that Yahoo has been bought by Microsoft and this news about 17,000 jobs lost in the US economy come up with your own Paper Comic DeathWatch index. Please remember to show your work. If you get stuck, just add a 0 to your weight and start from there. :)

Quick Notes:
Caine: We are on the same page about Fabian! I thought he did a great job with Thunderbolts when he was on the title.
Jason: Expect a detailed reply from me later but from a cursory scan, both Fallen and Moonlight sound like great ideas.
Nathan, Jeff and Kima: Sorry about just posting one comic this week on Free Comics Monday. I'll post 3 Monday to make up for it. ;)
Phil Thank you for the compliment on the Democrat article!

- Jim

1 comment:

Jovial1 said...

No sweat, jim. Good luck with the job hunt. I really need to pick up on scanning those sites myself.


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