Monday, December 17, 2007

Two for One Monday: What's Scanned in the Harvey Universe

First a confession.

I love the old Harvey comic books. When I was a kid, I would read with equal enjoyment Hotstuff, Casper and Richie Rich as well as The Flash, Hulk and Tarzan. To me they were all just stories, each one taking you to their own special world with their own idiosyncratic artwork.

Confession 2: Last year, I came *this* close to actually starting an offshoot of Flashback Universe based on my own Harvey like world of characters. However, I decided that currently I didn't have the time or resources to pursue such an endeavor, so for now, that project is on the backburner...

Note: if you scratch Artifact, I think you'll see a little Irona underneath. This is one of those places where Pierre, upon reading my blog entry will scratch his head and say, "uh...I don't see it..." :D

Currently, because of many different factors, there are really one 3 places to find Harvey comic stories.

1) On Ebay.

2) On Amazon in b/w collections by Dark Horse (which I picked up. In black and white, the fine linework of the artwork really stands out...)

and 3) as scanned versions.

I really think that overall the scanned versions are our best bet for seeing the entire Harvey library preserved in some form.

I know it's easy to shake the finger of shame at the comic book scanners, but I think that 50 years from now, when paper is rationed out because of the great tree shortage, you'll thank the scanners for preserving these comics.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present:

[ What's Scanned in the Harvey Universe ]

Click the link above to see exactly what Harvey comics have been scanned so far. It's really quite impressive to see just how many have NOT been scanned yet. I really had no idea Harvey put out so many comics during their short tenure as a comic publisher.

Notice that page 2 says: "Print this and take it with you."

Wise words. ;)


Pierre said...

uh...I don't see it...


Anonymous said...

This was put out in 2007. Is there an update??


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