Thursday, December 10, 2015

The 2nd Batman vs Superman Trailer

Last week, Time Warner released the 2nd major trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

Here's the water cooler talk from the Flashback Universe:

Jim Shelley: I was already quite interested in seeing the movie with just the teasing we got from the first trailer, but this newest one had some great bits that has me even more jazzed.Highlights to me were:

The Luthor/Kent/Wayne exchange with the joke of Luthor saying, "You wouldn't want to fight this guy" to Kent. That made me smile. I sort of hope Eisenberg is like that through the whole movie. It's hammy, but it's a type of hammy I can appreciate. It's got a nice Paul Lynde vibe to it.

It was good to see more of Wonder Woman in this preview. And again, the little bit with Superman and Batman wondering who she was aligned with was nice. (Did that strike anyone as an attempt to add a dash of MCU humor to the trailer?)

What I was less sold on was Doomsday and how he appeared. Now, I'm not a big Doomsday fan, but if I was, I would be sort of like, "...what the fugly!" On the plus side, they can kill him in this movie and we won't have to worry about him until 3 movies later when Darkseid sends an army of Doomsdays against the Justice League (because we know that scenes coming right?)
Trey Causey: Agreed on Eisenberg. I think he has the sort of Luthor. He has the sort of swarmy wunderkind thing going that works perfectly for a Luthor translated to the modern era. He probably helps that Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg, so this is same sort of arrogance.

It would amuse me to hear you utter the phrase "what the fugly!" as I don't think that's anything I've ever heard anyone say. The Doomsday design is uninspired, but it's just standard forgetable cgi monsters. It's not like bicycle shorts and bones Doomsday of the comic is really cool visual, or anything
StevieB: I also liked Eisenberg. It's  been hard for me to point my finger on why. I think it's because in the ridiculously serious tone that Warner Brothers has taken their last few movies, it's nice to see some camp. 

I really like Batman's voice changer. No more sounding like a 60 year old who's smoked a pack of cigarettes their whole life. I also think they've really nailed that costume.

Wonder Woman was great. I'm beginning to think more and more she's going to be the voice of reason in this movie. 

Am I the only who caught the three seconds of Parademons?

My speculation is that this is a vision of the future that Wonder Woman has. Not a dream sequence that the internet keeps screaming about. I think it's the reason WW comes back to the world of man. To stop these two from fighting because only TOGETHER CAN THEY DEFEAT THE COMING EVIL! lol 

As far as "Doomsday" goes; how much do you think they paid Disney to borrow the likeness for Abomination? 
Caine Dorr: I'm thinking the WW Vision thing sounds right too (now that Stephen pointed out the "Parademons")
The could be some sort of winged Bat-Force that Batman has put together to counter the Superman Arm Band wearing guys.
But I would prefer it was Parademons, as that helps set up other stuff to come. Imagine how stoked everyone will be if we even get a glimpse of Darkseid in the vision.

That's what we thought.

What did YOU think?

 - Jim


Reno said...

I'm still 50-50 on deciding whether I should watch this in theaters or wait for it on HBO or something. The comic book geek in me is excited, sure, since that's the DC Trinity up there together for the first time in live action. But the moviegoer in me sees "Zack Snyder" and it goes "meh."

MattComix said...

Sorry for being too late in the game to contribute to the actual article. I'd have to echo Reno's sentiments. Perhaps more severely so. More 60-40 against for me.

Any excitement I have for the idea of seeing these characters together on the big screen for the first time is countered by a gnawing dread of the entire "vs." angle, DKR homage (not a fan), and that the aspects of MOS that I was not keen on will be in abundance. Also, I find the whole hero vs. hero thing tedious enough within fandom and the industry itself let alone spending most of the next year listening to the general public and media outlets weighing in.

..and on some level I'll admit that part of that dread is a concern that DC as usual will give in to Batgod syndrome but even if Superman comes out ahead while there might be a little catharsis to that for me as a Superman fan whose listened to the drum beating incessantly in Batman's favor for soooo long, there's still just the simple fact that for me Superman and Batman fighting each other in the first place is kind of like watching two firefighters get into a slapping match in front of a burning house. It misses the whole point. That's even with keeping in mind that the heroes having conflict upon first meeting is of course a classic thing in superhero stories.

On the positive I will say this is the first trailer I've seen that expressed something besides grim. Also while maybe it's a bit spoilery I liked getting to see actual evidence of the heroes standing together against the common threat rather than just it being entirely shadows and "vs." porn. Maybe the team-up is inevitable but I'll be honest, I liked having the reassurance and getting a taste.

Still can't buy into Jesse Eisenberg as Lex.

Jim Shelley said...

@Reno and @MattComix - yeah, I completely understand where you are coming from. I think for a lot of fans the thrill of seeing comic characters come to life on screen is beginning to wane as the realization that those characters won't necessarily represent the characters as they knew them. I sort of see the MCU and the DCCU becoming comprised of different fan bases than comic fans as time goes on. Sort of like how Fans of the GI Joe Comics aren't fans of the GI Joe movie (but the movies might have their own fans)

Probably a better example is how Smallville has a strong fanbase who have never read a Superboy comic in their lives.

Unknown said...

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