Monday, August 13, 2012

Farewell Joe Kubert

I had a new post by Pierre ready to go today when I found out that Joe Kubert passed away over the weekend.

While he never worked much on the superhero comics I loved so much as a kid, his Tarzan made quite an impression on me. (click to see full size)

Where I first encountered his work was with the 100 Page Super Spectaculars (which I tried in vain to collect, but my newsstand wasn't as interested in them as I was.) I did manage to get my hands on this one at the newsstand.

And this one later at a Heroescon (back when Heroescon was held inside of Eastland Mall for those of you who can remember such a time.)


As a kid, Kubert's style struck me as extremely realistic - not in a photo realism way, but in ability to capture motion. Even simple pages with very little action looked realer.

When I was in college, and heard about the Joe Kubert school for comic artists, it made total sense to me. Who else would be better suited for such a role?

He was definitely the master of the form.

- Jim


Trey said...

Kubert was a very talented guy. His influence was also felt with the school he founded that trained a later generation of comics artists. Though I wasn't a reader of that material at the time, I think I became first acquainted with his work on the covers of various war comics--particularly Sgt. Rock.

JP Cote said...

Kubert had such a great style and look to his work. His Sgt. Rock was a favourite of mine.

Blitzdawg said...

I loved Kubert's style because it looked so good, yet loose and effortless to me. I was a huge fan of Sgt. Rock and his take on Hawkman- both with that "I'll kick your butt three ways to Tuesday" kind of look.
Kirby is my favorite artist, Toth is a close second, but Kubert seems to be the one I look to for help because I see how I emulate his style.

Reno said...

One thing I noticed about Kubert's work... it never deteriorated. Up until the very end, he was producing the same quality of work that he did when he was at the peak of his powers during the 70s.

One of my idols. Looking forward to Joe Kubert Presents.


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