Monday, June 18, 2012

Caine's Commander Knight

Longtime Flashback contributor Caine emailed me with the news that he is now a published writer with a story coming soon in a pulp anthology! I was naturally eager for more details, so I took the opportunity to interview him  so I could share the news today.

First, can you tell us about the company you are being published with and what is the name of your story?

Metahuman Press is the publisher who purchased my Commander Knight story.  It's entitled "The Commander of Knights" and is one of six other stories from fairly prominent authors in the "pulp anthology" circles.  

 Each author submitted a new and original character to the title Modern Pulp Heroes anthology.  My character was the Commander.

Who is Commander Knight?

Geoffrey Knight is the field commander of Knight Inc. Knight Inc. is a private organization that's been chartered by the United States Government to provide safety and security to any and all U.S. citizens who are in need of it.  Knight Inc. has a charter that is very similar to that of the Red Cross.  Geoffrey Knight is not only the field commander but also it's president and founder.  Geoffrey's lineage is long and distinguished, something that will come out in future stories.

What can you tell us about his world?

Like the Red Cross Knight Inc functions on both a National and International level.  Their headquartered in a fictional city known as Serpent City, named for the 'dragonesque' looking forms of transportation that slice through the city proper including: an aero-train which is propelled like an airplane suspended from a heavy duty track system, the Leviathan trains which are huge freight and people moving ground locomotives that were developed at the turn of the century establishing Serpent City as a major shipping hub of the west coast, and additional "serpent" inspired architecture and matching culture themed neighborhoods. 

The Commander offices out of Knight Tower which was built in the center of town.  He marshals several crews of employees that are organized like pieces on a chess board and who are the actual providers of the safety and security that Knight Inc is chartered to provide.  Everyone from engineers to safety patrolmen.  The Commander him self is often embroiled in much larger complicated Geo-political situations that threaten the safety of the entire world.  Often times his exploits are classified and never reported to the general public.

For readers looking for an easy hook, what would you say this story is similar too? (Comics, movies, books?)

My work pulls from every crafted piece of fiction, whether it be comics, movies, games, books, or television that I've greatly enjoyed over the course of my life time and I'd like to think that there's a little bit of everything in there.  I think it's fair to call The Commander a 'pastiche' of Doc Savage although I have taken every precaution to ensure the Commander's originality.  The hook would be Doc Savage + MacGyver.  Heck the Commander's right hand man is even called Mac.

How can people purchase a copy/read your story?

You can purchase a copy of the book Modern Pulp Heroes at Createspace by clicking here.  If some people would prefer a digital copy then I'd direct them to Smashwords by clicking here.  As I stated above, my story "The Commander of Knights" is simply one of six similar stories all packaged together.  

If your followers would like to check out what Commander Knight is all about for absolutely no cost at all - FREE - then I'd direct them to a much smaller story, slightly related to the story inside Modern Pulp Heroes, also on Smashwords absolutely free by clicking here.

Anyone interested can learn more about the Commander and follow his exploits by clicking here.

Thank you Caine!


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