Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Valiant Return for XO Manowar

Last year (June 2011), it was announced that many of the original Valiant Univerve comics characters would be returning to comic shops this Summer including XO Manowar, Harbinger and Archer and Armstrong.

I don't know that I talked about this news here as previous returns of the Valiant characters have been less than spectacular. Also, I had my doubts the marketplace would receive them any better than it did Jim Shooter's recent Dark Horse foray with Solar, Man of the Atom. Don't get me wrong. I love the old Valiant comics (at least a certain era of them) but how many failed attempts have we seen to revive old comic properties in the last few years?

However, Bleeding Cool had this bit of promising news about the order of the first issue of the new XO Manowar series:

X-O Manowar #1, the debut title from the new Valiant Entertainment, has received over 42,000 preorders 
The timing on this couldn't be better as this issue will be coming out the week of Free Comic Book day and the weekend that the Avengers movie will (hopefully) be driving tons of lasped comic book fans to their local comic shop.

Anyone else looking forward to checking out this first issue?

- Jim


Caine said...

I am. Me. Me. Me. Me. I am. I'm hoping that X0 sells so well that Harbinger and Archer and Armstrong get better exposure, sell well and Valiant brings out NINJAK.

Anonymous said...

Can. not. wait! I'm in on all the four launch titles. I've been waiting 15 years for these characters to come back and these new books look to be worth the wait. I hope they are

Reno said...

Are they just bringing out the original characters created by Valiant? And not the Gold Key ones like Magnus, Solar and Turok?

JimShelley said...

@Reno, I think the Gold Key characters are now licensed to Dark Horse. I don't think Valiant ever owned those characters outright to begin with.

Which just goes to show how easy it was to start up a comic book company back in the 90's with just a few, vaguely remembered heroes I guess.


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