Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It Started With A Chair

I needed a new drawing chair (or is it an animation chair?). My previous chair that I bought when I first started college all the way back in 1987 died on me quite some time ago.

Although I was using a temporary solution... I finally got around to getting myself a new chair some time ago.

But also when I got my new chair... I decided to also get a desk/table for my computer/printer/etc.

And that was only the beginning.

My TV died as well... although not as old as my chair... I still had my TV since 1997.

So I got a new TV for fairly cheap... but then... my DVDs looked like crap now on my new HD TV. Although I had bought a fairly good DVD player and it still worked fine (a Sony five disks DVD player)... the picture quality of my DVD player on my new TV was crap.

And I was told by pretty much everyone that there was no point in getting a Blue-Ray player. If I really needed a Blue-Ray player... the logical thing would be to get a PlayStation 3. It would not only play DVD/Blue-Ray movies... but also it could be used to play games as well.

So I did what seemed like the logical thing and got the PS3.

And once I did... I learned what an HDMI cable was. And I learned that my Laptop HAS an HDMI outlet.

So I not only got an HDMI cable for my PS3... but for my Laptop as well.

I was toying with the idea of getting a second computer screen for my laptop. I have been working with 2 computer screens at the studio for the past year... and I can tell you that it is not easy to get back to using only one screen after that.
But now with my HDMI cable... I have something even better then a second computer screen. I now have a 40 INCHES COMPUTER SCREEN!!!

I now feel like Kirk or Picard... not only with my chair... but with my HUGE screen as well (OK maybe not that huge.... but my place is not that big.... so a 60 inches TV would have been wayyy too unreasonable).

So now... playing games is quite a different experience... but watching movies as well.

But best of all... I can use it to read comics as well.

Heck even DC’s Absolute edition comics are no match for reading comics on a screen this size.

And then I realised something even more cooler then reading comics.

I realised that I could read Flashback Universe comics on my TV. Or simply look at my artwork on a BIG “canvas”.

Damn... that is quite a feeling... it is very difficult to describe.

I had set up one of my rooms at home as a studio with my drawing table and all my references (comics/books/etc). But now I had to rethink my setup because I wanted to hook-up my Laptop to my TV... and I also wanted my computer next to my drawing table to be able to work more efficiently.

So instead... I set-up my studio in my living room now... giving me something that I never expected... my very own library.

I mean I knew that I had lots of books/comics... but now I have a room dedicated to nothing other than my comics/books/etc.  As I said... my very own library.

Strange to see how all the dominoes fell into place like that. One thing leading to the other.

Although I still need to sort out all my comics/books... but there is no rush... I got plenty of time to get around to doing that.     

So I thought that now might be a perfect time to share with you guys what my work space looks like... and also the ton of DVDs... Books... CDs... and yes... even comics that I own. This will give you an idea as to the amount of comics and other references that I own.

It might give you an idea why for the past few years... I have been trying to downsize my collection... and put as much of it on CDs and DVDs in order to save some room.  

Let me tell you.... when it is moving day... it is a LOT of comics to pack/transport/and unpack.

Not fun.... not fun at all.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this little visit into the “Dragon’s Lair”.

Until next time.


Crize2foi said...

Thanks for the post Pierre, just wanted to let you know the Flashback Universe blog is one of the very few i actually read when it gets into my inbox. Thanks for the variety in the subjects. As someone who does a fair bit of work from home, a fair bit of it in a semi-creative realm, I appreciate the insiders view of the artist at home/work, etc.

God bless,

Pierre Villeneuve said...

Thanks for the kind words Chris.

I was not sure if it would make an interesting blog... but I am glad that you (and Jim) liked it.

Once more... thanks.

Have a good day.



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