Monday, March 1, 2010

Commander Battle and his Atomic Sub

Today's Free Comic is from the American Comics Group and takes back to the Communist infested Fifties as we follow the adventures of Commander Battle and his Atomic Sub...

Created by presidential order less than two years ago, The Atomic Commandos have become a task force of vast importance in international affairs. Acclaimed by all lovers of democracy and freedom, The Atomic Commandos are marked men -- for the forces of Red Communism have vowed to destroy them at any cost! So it's anchors aweigh for high adventure and breathless daring as we join Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub!

[ Commander Battle 05 ]

You know what's a hard job? Being the Commander of an Atomic Submarine.
I mean in addition to all the crazy atomic math you gotta know to keep your sub from becoming a nuclear criticality, you also gotta deal with some nightmarish battle scenarios.

Consider Commander Battle's situation below:

[ Commander Battle 06 ]

He's got Ray Gun wielding Vikings attacking him with a basketball sized leak in his hull.

Probably not the best situation to commence to ciphering a calculus equation. :)


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