Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Comics Monday: Super Magician!

One of the things I often find myself regretting is that I don't always have time to track down enough information about some of the comics I offer on Free Comics Monday. This comic featuring Blackstone the Magician is an example. There isn't much on the net about this series other than a passing reference in the wikipedia entry on Blackstone himself.

For those of you not familiar with the real man the title was based on

Harry Blackstone (September 27, 1885 – November 16, 1965) was a famed stage magician and illusionist of the 20th century. Blackstone was born Harry Boughton. He began his career as a magician in his teens and was popular through World War II as a USO entertainer. He was often billed as The Great Blackstone. His son Harry Blackstone, Jr. also became a famous magician. ~wikipedia

[ Super Magician 02 ]

[ Super Magician 08 ]

- Enjoy!

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