Friday, August 7, 2009

The Tablet Revoluton

Digital Comics are making the news nearly every day now - Whether it's some new online only comic on Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited site, another company putting their comics on the iPod or most recently, the huge support the comics media has given to LongBox. But so often, in the comments section of such articles you will encounter people complaining because they don't want to have to read their comics in front of the computer.

like this one from

i appreciate this technology, i really do. but the same goes for comics as for books, i just can't read them on the computer. it's not comfortable, and it's strains my eyes more. now if they come out with a kindle like device them i'm all for it, as i do own a kindle and it's great for books, because it's most like paper. the same needs to be true for comics in order for me to switch.

Well, I understand that complaint, and today we are happy to provide news round up of some of the upcoming options for reading digital comics planned for 2010...

Dell MID/Tablet Device on the way?

Last we heard, Dell was secretly at work on a handheld / MID that would challenge the likes of the iPod touch, but it turns out it may also have its eye on the Kindle and the still emerging e-reader market, or the two may be one in the same -- or neither, but bear with us for a minute. According to Wired's Gadget Lab, Dell is looking to shake things up...ENDGADGET

iTablet to be unveiled in September?

Much of the speculation around an "iPad" -- a rumored 10" Apple tablet -- has portrayed it as an Amazon Kindle-killer or a large-screen iPod touch, but there's a strong case that such a product could effectively serve as a replacement for – or a compelling complement to -- Apple's non-platform sleeper Apple TV. Apple faces a dilemma in moving iPhone apps to a larger screen size or higher resolution. It must either scale them (ugly), ask developers....ENDGADGET

iRiver build an iPod Touch killer?

Put this one strictly in the rumor basket, but if the apparently loose-lipped product manager at iRiver's Australian distributor is to be believed, the Korean company has the iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, and even Arrington's CrunchPad firmly in its sights.
Accordingy to the iRiver hopes to launch an Android-based iPod Touch rival next year, they also hope to soon test a new iRiver e-book reader and Internet tablet. Is a three-way Web Tablet Battlemodo between iRiver, the possible Apple tablet and the CrunchPad looming...... ...GIZMODO

Meanwhile, more details about the CrunchPad surface....

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the CrunchPad since our last update in April, and have just about nailed down the final design for the device. We’re showing the conceptual drawings here today. In another few weeks we’ll have the first working prototypes in our office.

This launch prototype is another significant step forward from the last prototype. The screen is now flush with the case and we’ve decreased the overall thickness to about...TECHCRUNCH

Barnes & Nobles teams up with Plastic Logic to counter Amazon's Kindle

It's not exactly an e-book reader of its own as previously rumored, but Barnes & Noble's announced an alliance with Plastic Logic in which it'll serve as the "exclusive eBookstore provider" to the long-in-development e-reader, which unless we're playing with semantics here means any and all digital literature...ENDGADGET

Sony revamps its eReaders

I guess Sony's been a little jealous of all the attention the Amazon Kindle e-readers have been getting lately. The company just announced two new portable Readers, the PRS-600 and 300, a.k.a. the Reader Touch (left) and Reader Pocket, respectively. The Touch, available...DVICE

Quite a selection of devices coming down the pike this year! It's no wonder Wired has declared 2010 the year of the Tablet. Currently, the iTablet has gone from an item of idle curiousity to one of the the biggest rumors floating the internet right now...

Analyst Predicts Apple Will Unleash Touchscreen Tablet Next Year
Rumor: $800 Apple Tablet Coming in October
Financial Times Confirms Apple Tablet for September
How an Apple Tablet Could Pit iTunes Against
Large-Screen Kindle Won’t Mean Squat if Apple Tablet Arrives
Rumor: 10-Inch Apple Tablet Landing in Early 2010
Rumor: Mac Tablet Coming Fall 2009

I for one would love to have any one of these, as long as they read comics in an established or new file format. I'll be keeping my eye on the "plastic", particularly its second version...

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GACN said...

This piece has made me very happy! I keep praying that something will come along to allow me to catch up on the backlog of comics goodness I have sitting around.


Secret-HQ said...

I'm not sold on touch-screen tablets — too much surface area that could be brushed by mistake carrying the thing around, stuffing it into a bag, or using it in bed or on the airplane. I've love one with a good, reliable stylus, though. :)

Jim Shelley said...

@GACN - like you, I'm waiting on someone to develop the perfect solution for that exact situation. I think someone is going to make the device we've all been waiting for very soon.

@Secret-HQ - seems to me I was reading about someone (HTC?) who was applying for a patent to use a stylus with a resistive (Touch) screen UI. Currently, using a stylus on what we think of as a Touch screen doesn't work (so I hear).


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