Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unseen Flashback Universe Art

Recently, I was contacted by a company that wanted to use some of the art from the Flashback Universe as material for a pitch meeting for a television series. After signing the appropriate contracts, I then reviewed loads of artwork Pierre has sent me over the years and sent the company what I thought was some very nice images to use for their pitch. While doing this, I found several pages of art that readers of this blog may have never seen before, so I'm going to post them today for you all to enjoy.

First  up, this amazing battle scene with the Golden Age Flashback Universe characters (who I often refer to as the Wayback Universe) versus the U-Bolts. This image actually appeared in our zuda pitch in a smaller version, but it's easier to see the neat details Pierre put in with this version.

Next up, here is a cover of a Flashback Super Villain Two In One based on an idea from Jason Wright.

At one time Pierre and I talked about doing a Flashback Backstory for the Artifact. Here's a page Pierre created for that story.

While not a Flashback Universe creation, Mister Crimson is definitely one that I wished I had created which is why I was glad to host the web comic here. Seth Sherword and Diego Tripodi really put a lot of nice work into that web comic, and did a outstanding job hitting their weekly deadlines. However, on the occasion that they might be running a bit late, I would get other creators to step in with a piece of art. Here is one Pierre did which is a homage to the classic Dr. Fate/Hourman Showcase story.

Finally, here are two pages from our first Zuda project Kharon, Scourge of Atlantis. Looking through the file folder, I was surprised at how far we got with this project before circumstances caused forced us to stop. I could see picking this project back up again in the future.

I have quite a bit more, but I'll save it for another post someday.

Bonus: In honor of Memorial Day (which we will be observing tomorrow in the USA), enjoy this older Free Comics Monday post dedicated to the spirit of the holiday.

- Jim


MattComix said...

Great stuff! I didn't know that there was a female Saturn Knight. Knight Lass? Saturn Gir...well, can't be that.

JimShelley said...

I don't know if we ever finalized her name. We called the GA Saturn Knight, Saturn King, so I think her name may have been Saturn Kate, but I was never entirely sold on that name.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

What's wrong with Saturn Girl??? I like that name. ;)

But seriously we were looking for names with the initials S K.

Otherwise we might have gone with Saturn Queen to match with Saturn King.... but Queen does not start with a K.

If you guys have some suggestions... I'm sure that Jim would love to hear them. ;)

MattComix said...

Hmm. Okay I'm just gonna throw these out here. However, neither of these conform to the SK thing.

The first suggestion I have is Saturn Rhea after Saturn's second largest moon.

Alternatively I think Saturn Queen would actually be a good way to go if only because while you might be breaking the SK thing you're still keeping consistency via the royal court theme. You have the king and a knight, why not a queen? Seems only natural.

Heck, you could even have a prince, a princess, a squire, and a jester if you decided to go sort of 40's Marvel Family with the whole thing at some point. A Saturn Jester might make for a hilarious Uncle Dudley homage.


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